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One of the most crucial objectives in any telemarketing service is Appointment Scheduling.

However, when it comes to construction telemarketing, there are several different options that we need to establish before starting a telemarketing campaign.

Delivering CPD’s is incredibly important within construction. Whether your CPD is RIBA approved or not, the fact is they are relevant and deserve to be seen.

When you have a new product, the first thing you want to do is make sure you are showcasing to the target audience that would need and benefit from this product.

Framework and Supply Chain Agreements are a brilliant way to solidify relationships and make sure you are getting a chance to tender, and more importantly, win work.

Events and Seminars are crucial to driving the right people to your business. Whether your event or seminar has been set up to discuss a new product or service, or designed to bring delegates forward to discuss like-minded matters - you deserve a full house.

Lead Enquiry and Lead Generation can help with speeding up your results, providing the objectives laid are understood and agreed in the right way.

Market Research is a simple yet effective campaign that Excel TM Group offer, whether it's speaking with old prospects and clients to find out what they are working on, or finding out how your product or service would benefit the construction industry.

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What Our Clients Say

Wavin have been working in conjunction with Excel since June 2021 and in that time had over 100 CPD’s scheduled for our team, I can safely say that from our own experience Excel focus on delivering quality results and would highly recommend!

Tony Kirby

Sales Director

Wavin UK

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