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With almost £3 Billion forecasted in 2023 for healthcare projects, it’s safe to say the sector has no plans of slowing down.


Material and labour shortages mean that projects have been pushed back to 2023, increasing the pressure on what is already going to be a ground-breaking year in healthcare construction.

Excel TM Group have extensive experience working with clients who want a door opening to healthcare. A portion of our clients deal exclusively within the healthcare sector, ranging from high quality, clean air solutions to cutting edge hygienic metal ceilings. We can speak with the necessary contact at the right time to ensure their requirements are met and exceeded.

Excel TM Group have also ran successful PQQ campaigns with NHS Trusts up and down the country, ensuring our clients are first in line whenever a requirement is going out to tender. This not only allows our clients to build relationships with the key decision makers within the NHS Trusts, but also work closely with hospitals to ensure the country is receiving first-class care.

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