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Construction Appointment Setting

One of the most crucial objectives in any telemarketing service is Appointment Scheduling.

However, when it comes to construction telemarketing there are several different options that we need to establish before starting a telemarketing campaign.

Who is our partners target audience?

Are they looking to meet on site or in the office?

What would quantify as a positive result?

Which data source are you using?

How many results per day of Telemarketing would give a return on investment

We then need to establish what is going to identify as a positive result and what would give you a return on investment. Different campaigns mean establishing different appointment targets that will be set such as;

Project Specification Appointments

Live On-Site Appointments

Architect Appointments

Appointments with Main Contractors

These are just some of the different appointments that we set. You may want to look at exploring other options.

Excel TM Group tailor all call campaigns, including appointment scheduling.

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