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Excel TM Group

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About Us

Excel TM Group was built after our Managing Director and Founder – Mike Dunn - developed experience across the different stages of construction; starting with Lead Generation at Barbour ABI, planning and running Construction Telemarketing campaigns, and then finally attending live on-site construction projects.

Having this experience and knowledge gives Excel TM Group the edge when it comes to running construction telemarketing and lead generation campaigns. It allows us to tailor our service and work with our partners to create long-lasting and trusting relationships.

We have scheduled and physically attended a wide range of meetings which gives us, as a company, a good insight and crucial understanding of the construction sector and how different stages work.

Our Core Values


At Excel TM Group, we believe in being honest from the start. We will work with you to understand your target audience and the differences between your company and your competitors.


Saying that you are going to deliver and actually delivering are two very different things. We promise to deliver quality straight from the start so you can maximise your return on investment.


Having the ability to consistently deliver results, regardless of how difficult some targets may seem, allows us to excel on any campaign whilst maintaining a high level of quality.


A key factor in delivering results is our team here at Excel. We believe that each member is equal and we ensure that each member can successfully grow within the business.


Being efficient is key to making sure any working partnership is successful. From the first time that we meet with you to the first day of a trial, we look to be efficient in every step of the process.

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What Our Clients Say

Warmafloor have been working in conjunction with Excel since June 2021 and in that time had over 100 CPD’s scheduled for our team, I can safely say that from our own experience Excel focus on delivering quality results and would highly recommend!

Tony Kirby

Sales Director


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