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Construction Site Manager


Type of Campaign:

Product Launch & Appointment Scheduling

Target Audience: 


The Brief

Excel TM Group started with NextTech in March 2021 and were asked to schedule either face-2-face or online meetings with the person that is responsible for project/task management within construction companies,. This naturally varied from company to company, and it was down to Excel  TM Group to ask the right questions to distinguish who the best person would be.


NextTech have a really strong presence in Norway and Sweden and were looking to break the UK market, along with changing how we can work smarter through their ground-breaking technology.

Excel TM Group needed to ensure that NextTech were sitting in front of the right people, but in order to do this, we had to ask the right questions and communicate with the client daily for feedback and updates.

Launching a product in any industry can take time, but launching a digital product in construction takes patience and resilience.

Results and ROI

When it comes to launching a new product, we need to be realistic with clients and prospects. We know construction, and make sure that when it comes to starting we are honest about timescales.

The start of this campaign was a slow burner, trying to find the right route to market and the correct contact - it is not something that will happen in days or weeks! It can sometimes take months.

Since starting with NextTech in March 2021 we have scheduled over 200 meetings, had multiple sign-ups and created a strong brand awareness into the UK construction market.

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