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Cemfloor Worker


Type of Campaign:

CPD Appointment Scheduling

Target Audience: 


The Brief

For this campaign, Excel TM Group were asked to target architectural practices across the UK and schedule either face-2-face or online CPD presentations.

Rather than scheduling meetings for the sake of a result, Excel TM Group focus on a quality approach. We achieved this by agreeing on a set of objections and, more importantly, open questions which give us valuable information.

These questions are important and are there to provide our clients with as much information as possible, such as:

  • Who do you normally use for screed flooring?

  • What projects do you get involved with?

  • What sectors do you work in?

  • How often do you use Screed on projects?

Results and ROI

Excel TM Group NEVER guarantee a number on results, you would never guarantee someone that their lottery numbers would win, would you?

Instead, we estimate results and on this occasion we estimated 1 – 1.5 results per day of telemarketing, but to ensure we will only book a CPD with a practice who specify screed.

Since starting with Excel TM Group in August 2020, Cemfloor have presented their CPD to over 600 architects and been specified on numerous projects which have provided them with ROI.

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