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You Are NOT "Just a BDM".

Author: Mike Dunn

Roughly two years ago during a sales meeting, I put an idea forward to my Directors and received this exact response... "You are just a BDM".

I remember feeling every ounce of emotion - angry, sad, belittled, useless and many more.

Yes, it was only a few words and you might think that it should not be a big deal, but when you spend your time on the road (missing family events and sometimes being unable to sleep with stress), the last thing you want to hear is how your position is basically irrelevant.

I wouldn't have minded, but I only gave an opinion on a meeting that was due to be attended!

We live in a world where mental health is now spoken about more than ever and we are encouraged to support each other. The Directors at the time found the statement hilarious and brought it up a few times.

This statement changed my life, and my perception of how using some words can affect someone, I vowed from that moment on I would always treat any position with respect and make sure all my team felt valued.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and when I look back, that sentence was actually the best thing that happened to me. It made me a better person, and, I'd like to think, a better role model for my team.

I am sure that plenty of my connections have felt like this at some point and I'm sure the last few years have been more challenging than ever before.

If you

ever feel defeated, please remember to:

  • Stay Positive

  • Stay Focused

  • Stay Strong


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